Reward Day!

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Okay, so I know that some people think parenting is a pretty thankless job.  I disagree.  Yeah, it has it’s moments.  And we knew they’d crimp our style and strain our checkbooks, even before we decided to conceive the little darlings.  But don’t listen to those people who say its all miserable, and that teenagers […]

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Happy Spring!

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Happy spring! Baby calves bucking around, daffodils poking through, and birds, birds, birds! Geese, great blue herons, sandhills, eagles, the works! All flying over my house. We’ve even had a pair of Great Horned Owls here at night! They are awesome! Spring is so the season of pressing forward with a perfect brightness of hope! […]

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So not Boise

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Great news! My adorable and marvelous son, Gavin, is going to serve for two years in the Philippines Cebu Mission for the LDS Church! Which, incidentally, is about as other side of the world as you can get. But I’m not thinking about that. I’m just being excited for him. He was worried he’d get […]

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The Bread Queen—or maybe not

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My daughter, who is in college, sent me a list of blog ideas. One was about my bread making disasters and how I’ve passed that on. Totally cracked me up! Little cuss! Alas, it’s true. My kids joke about “Chinese Fighting Bread” and say, “Please pass the brick.” Or, “Mom, you should make biscuits more […]

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Okay, fine, I’ll blog.

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I’ve been called to repentance by my publicist for not updating and blogging like I’m supposed to, so I’m going to do better in 2013. However, sometimes this is a conflict for me because I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. I’ll try to compromise by blogging occasionally with either something important or funny. I […]

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My new book, The Most Important Catch, is launching April 3rd and my publisher and I have decided to donate 50% of the proceeds from the first day’s Amazon sales to the fund for Porter Hancock. (It works. The hero in the book is an NFL football player—although Kelly, the heroine, doesn’t realize that for […]

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We had to put our sweet old Golden Retriever, Sundance, to sleep Monday. It was a hard day. It made our hearts tired. We’d had her for 12 years and she’d all but raised our kids. And she did raise several litters of her own puppies and our two younger dogs. In trying to comfort […]

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Who’s Geithner?

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The other day, I was visiting with one of my sisters, who, by the way, is a relatively intelligent, competent human. I mentioned how weird I thought it was that one of our other sisters, who is also relatively intelligent, was still an Obama fan. To my surprise, the first sister said that she didn’t […]

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Chutes and Ladders Will Never Be the Same

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Do you remember when I blogged about surviving family home evening with the Czchekoslavakian Ahnold Schwartenegger? (It was on the other website.) Well, we’ve recently had one that rivaled it. It will certainly never be forgotten! (That is the key, isn’t it? Make memories, leave a lasting eternal impression?) It was definitely impressive. For some […]

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Thanks for my own little troubles

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It’s been an introspective several days.  Things in happy valley haven’t been all happy.  One of our dear neighbors died, and although heartbreaking, it was a good thing.  She’d been battling cancer for years and she’s finally at peace.  My heart goes out to her family. On the other end of life’s spectrum, at my […]

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