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Okay, so I know that some people think parenting is a pretty thankless job.  I disagree.  Yeah, it has it’s moments.  And we knew they’d crimp our style and strain our checkbooks, even before we decided to conceive the little darlings.  But don’t listen to those people who say its all miserable, and that teenagers are possessed monsters whose brains fall out somewhere in the vicinity of 13.  They’re either grumpy pants or lying.  Trust me.

Teenagers are a riot!  I love them all–even the occasional brainless possessed monster.  (My theory is that they come from God perfectly perfect and it’s us dorky parents who mess them up.)

Anyway, eventually, they turn 20, go to college and become surprisingly marvelous adults!  Who knew?  Then, they do things like send texts that make your day.

Exhibit A:  Received Friday September 6th from my beautiful child who was only born a couple of years ago, but has somehow managed to do the turning 20 thing and is now a senior in college.  Not sure how that happened.  Here’s exhibit A.

Mom, I just finished Healing Creek and it was wonderful.  It reminded me of some important things, made me cry, and was romantic in the good way that makes me more grateful for, and in love with my own husband.  Thanks Mom.  You’re doing great things.  And you used the word “impugning”, which earns you 685463 bonus points.  :)

See.  The reward days come, and are worth all the diaper bags and fevers at four in the morning.

Life is short, text your kids about how much you love them.





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