Who’s Geithner?

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The other day, I was visiting with one of my sisters, who, by the way, is a relatively intelligent, competent human. I mentioned how weird I thought it was that one of our other sisters, who is also relatively intelligent, was still an Obama fan.

To my surprise, the first sister said that she didn’t have a problem with Obama either. I was completely shocked and asked, “Doesn’t the blatant corruption of Geithner frighten you? Or Holder and the Fast and Furious mess?”

Her answer shocked me. She shrugged and asked, “Who’s Geithner?”

Who’s Geithner? Holy Toledo!

Now this is a woman whose parents were hugely involved in politics. We were taught that voting was like taking out the garbage and that if you didn’t do it, you couldn’t complain if something stunk. And if you weren’t going to run, then you darn well better be campaigning for someone. It was our God-given American right. Being involved is what you do! It’s vital! And important!

Well, she could tell I was surprised and said, “Sorry, I’m busy.” —Which is a good excuse and beats the heck out of the whiner protestors who have nothing better to do than demand things they haven’t earned, but NO! No, no, no!

All it takes for the forces of evil to triumph is for enough good people to do nothing! Or for enough good people to be too busy to be at least minimally informed! She needs to know who Geithner is! And some of the stuff he’s pulled that is blatantly corrupt! We all do! We need to be responsible citizens!

The United States of America is in a mess, but it’s still by far the greatest country on the planet! However, it will only stay great and get back on track if good people stay involved!

Now I don’t care who you vote for. (Technically that is so not true, but I’d honestly rather have a good old-fashioned, passionate, economy squashing liberal than a slug who doesn’t really care as long as he gets his welfare check. I also believe that if you truly do get informed and actually read some history to see what does and doesn’t work instead of listening to Katie Couric that the party thing will work itself out.)

So get informed! Study what has worked in the past. Get involved! Get passionate enough to deserve the marvelous blessings that we enjoy! And pray for this nation! ‘Cause somebody in this country has to take out the garbage!

Whew! I feel so much better!





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