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We had to put our sweet old Golden Retriever, Sundance, to sleep Monday.

It was a hard day. It made our hearts tired. We’d had her for 12 years and she’d all but raised our kids. And she did raise several litters of her own puppies and our two younger dogs.

In trying to comfort each other, we talked a lot about the good times and why she’d been the greatest dog we’d ever known. It came down to this really; she’d never, ever, ever gotten ornery. Not when she got old, not when she was tired, not when she hurt, not even when the kids stacked newborn kittens on top of her.

She was simply always sweet and patient and well behaved. She was the best. We’ll miss her.

I have to believe that she’s up in heaven—young and happy and healthy.

I only hope that I can someday become half as gracious a human as she was a dog.


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