Chutes and Ladders Will Never Be the Same

November 29, 2011 · 1 comment

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Do you remember when I blogged about surviving family home evening with the Czchekoslavakian Ahnold Schwartenegger? (It was on the other website.)

Well, we’ve recently had one that rivaled it. It will certainly never be forgotten! (That is the key, isn’t it? Make memories, leave a lasting eternal impression?) It was definitely impressive.

For some reason, our 11-year-old came in while I was making dinner and asked if she could do the lesson. I was thrilled, although I possibly should have delved at that point.

It turned out that she had gone to a great deal of effort to make up a Chutes and Ladders type game about getting from birth to heaven that included a variety of questions and some lovely pastel colored road spaces. (The ladders part of the game.) The questions were paired up with completely random scriptures that came out of the Aluminum Plates. (Beautiful tin foil replicas of what was taken from the Hill Cumorah! They were serious works of art. And I actually caught her recording holy writ in them the day after Family Home Evening.)

On the chutes side, there were these nefarious, deep red, pitfall road spaces named (sorry Aunt Nettie, but I must tell the truth): The Highways to Hell!

True story! It was hilarious! And, of course, the teenage boys went to lengths to get onto the Highways to Hell. I’m sure this had only to do with the fact that she had inadvertently made the H to H shorter so it was far easier to get to heaven by going to the dark side than by taking the pastel route. Not sure how that worked, but…

My trusty husband gave me that raised eyebrow, “Really?” look, as if I was somehow at fault for raising an 11-year-old minion for the adversary. That may be the case, but it certainly wasn’t intentional. I’m sure it came from genes upstream somewhere. Probably from my side of the gene pool, but I can’t be held responsible. I wasn’t even born.

I wasn’t sure whether to discretely step in and recommend that we play a more G-rated game, or laugh until I cried and my sides ached. So I chose the laughing and will probably end up on the Highway to Hell, but, we’ll never, ever forget that Family Home Evening!


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